Diamond Games Introduces New, Fast JAVA Togel Singapore Casino Games

A company called Diamond Games has entered the instant-play casino games market with what they say is the “fastest and most stable JAVA software yet.” The games can be previewed at

Diamond Games currently offers 12 casino games, each with realistic graphics and sound without the need to download and install the software. Five additional games are currently in development to be released by the end of the year.

Rafael Alexander, Diamond Games’ CEO, says speed and stability are the keys to superior JAVA software. He defines ‘speed’ in terms of fast loading of game applets and ‘stability’ in terms of uninterrupted game play. Diamond Games says their software runs on Unix operating system “for optimal stability and performance.”

“The collaborative efforts of our creative and development teams have produced results beyond any expectation,” says Alexander. “The combination of light yet realistic graphics and well-coded applets has resulted in what we find to be the fastest and most stable JAVA software yet. What we have achieved is the quality and stability of a download client but without the wait.”

Alexander credits his team with perfecting the “science” of compressing image sizes without sacrificing the quality. Furthermore, he says that a well-coded JAVA applet will not freeze or hang regardless of what the player does. “We believe this factor is what differentiates Diamond Games from our competitors.”

Alexander says that Diamond Games is not striving to sell a large number of licenses, but rather to work on a personal level with each individual client. Customization of the games and systems is the standard model.

“We recognize our client’s need to have a unique and distinct casino, opposed to the cookie-cutter approach of duplicating the same games. We provide individual attention and detail to each system.”

Gambling Tour Offers Easy Way to Find Casinos

Gambling Tour is a new site that promises online gamblers “a better way to find quality gaming sites.”

Gambling Tour presents users with site after site of the best online casinos, sportsbooks, and portals, with the simple click of the button.

“It’s unlike anything that you’ve ever seen. Using Togel Singapore Gambling Tour is just like cruising the strip!” says Ashley Lang, Marketing Consultant at Green Room Media, the Net gambling experts who developed the site.

“Simply click on the ‘Next Site’ button and ‘cruise’ from site to site until you find what you’re looking for,” says Lang. No more scrolling through countless search results that lead to dead pages. No more banner farms. Just a convenient and entertaining way of comparing sites.”

“You can also play Free Games, rate sites, see other players’ opinions and much more.”

Lang encourages quality casinos, sportsbooks, and gaming portals to send email to if they would like to be considered for the tour.




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