Do you need to earn more money online, but your life is too busy for the usual Internet marketing ideas?  This letter will show you how show you how to turn the time you spend on the Internet into traffic AND profits WITHOUT changing anything you do now!.

My name is Garland Coulson, and I am not an ad writer.  I have been showing people how to market successfully online since 1998.  I was a highly sought-after Internet marketing coach and consultant and that caused me a major problem…

You see, as my coaching and consulting services became more popular and I had more and more clients, I suddenly had less time to spend with my family and to pursue my hobbies.  My money was constantly getting better, but I had NO time for the truly important things in life.

Something had to change…

So I decided to start creating online tools that would let me (and my students) create monthly income WITHOUT constantly trading time for money.  My business colleagues told me I was nuts to give up my high income coaching and consulting services to work on risky new Internet products, but I was determined to make my money online WITHOUT working like a crazy man.

I knew there had to be a way and, after months of research and development, I finally found it…

Announcing…The Smartgameads Traffic

AND Income Building System.

A Simple Playable Ad Traffic Example

Here is a simple illustration of how the Smartgameads gives you traffic every day.

Most of us spend time on the Internet regularly.  You might search through Google®, check out auctions on eBay®, or read your local weather or news.  Each week while you spend this time on the web, you load hundreds of web pages.

Smartgameads is a thin toolbar that you add to your FireFox or Internet Explorer Browser.  The toolbar has over 125 great tools to help you search the web and market online and also has a headline area where it shows a single headline from one of our members.

As you browse the web just as you normally do every day, the headline changes every time a new web page loads. As the headline changes, you receive free advertising credits that show your own headline ad to send traffic to your web site, affiliate or mlm program to our 66233 members.

You don’t have to do any manual surfing or clicking to get the credits, you just get free traffic by doing the same things you do on the web everyday.  As you invite others to the Smartgameads, you also earn free advertising credits as they browse the web, up to 10 levels deep.Let’s assuming you and everyone in your downline visits 50 web pages per day. Many people visit more, I do more than that in one eBay® session!




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