First Artificial Intelligence Enabled On-Line IDNPLAY Casino,



“Relax, enjoy yourself, and make money too!” That’s what, the newest on-line gaming portal, invites their players to do – and with a brand new system, a focus on customer satisfaction, and some of the most amazing bonuses offered to date, looks to be the right place to make this happen.


“We’ve decided to be all about the player, by delivering compelling games, an array of incredible bonuses, and providing great customer service,” says their general manager. “We’re bringing on-line gambling back to the basics.”


Bonuses include a 110% matching bonus (where the player receives a betting credit of $210 for depositing only $100), or the 5% bonus on all wire transfers, or the extra 5% bonus given out for every deposit with PayPal, Neteller, or PrePaidATM. And those are just a few of the bonuses that heaps on those who sign up at their site.


Another way sets itself apart from the on-line casino crowd is by being the first to use Artificial Intelligence Customer Service to keep their players happy. This cutting-edge technology gives players an opportunity to ask questions and communicate directly with a “smartbot,” or virtual customer service representative – one that actually has a name and face. It makes the experience at that much more human, and that much more interesting as well. Combine that with the live on-line chat option that offers yet another way to interact, ask questions, and get answers, and the result is clearly the most player-oriented on-line gaming site around.


Something For Everyone At Casino Fortune


IDNPLAY Casino Fortune the leading casino in the Sunny Casinos group knows what it takes to keep their players happy and coming back for more.  The company announced today that 10 Cents Roulette is now available at all their online casinos:, and  This is the ideal opportunity for players to test their skills on roulette before starting to wager on a larger scale. Now all players can bet as low as 10 cents and be a winner.


The surprise does not stop there.  In addition, players can now purchase a minimum of $5 at all casinos for all games using Paypal, Firepay and Neteller.  Undoubtedly, Casino Fortune continues to uphold their policy of placing their customers first.    “As far as I know, no other online casino makes 10 cents bets and $5 purchases available to their players”, remarked Anand, Promotions Manager.  “Soon all our games are going to be accessible to everyone, whether their pockets are deep or not. It is all about being entertained and having safe clean fun. Of course if you win a huge jackpot even better”, he added.


Where else can players go and receive the best customer service and fastest payouts without spending more than a dime?  Casino Fortune intends to go all out to revolutionize online gambling, making the experience truly player friendly with something for everyone.


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