Google brings visual voicemail to the Palm Pre


Many of us who have picked up the Pre have come down with a mad case of the visual voicemail blues. Luckily for us Google and Sprint (not so much Sprint) have come up with a great work around for the time being but maybe for good.

Think Google Voice voicemail for your Sprint phone number. You get visual voicemail not only on your handset but also on your desktop. You also get to have transcriptions of your voicemeail sent to you in email and text alerts. Check out the video for a more in-depth look.

Those wondering about the $.20 per minute that Sprint charges to forward calls will be relieved that this is only conditional. Sprint will continue to charge the $.20 per minute on forwarded calls but not on calls forwarded to Google Voice. I’m still asking myself why Google comes through on so many platforms when they have one of their own that you would imagine they would stay loyal to?

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