Greed in 먹튀사이트

In the past few articles, I have been coming down hard on the casino side of the business, while pretty much giving the players a free pass. With this in mind, turn about is fair play, and this time I am going to spread out the blame to include the Players.

Blame for what, you ask? Blame for helping crappy casinos to stay in business.

How many players don’t care where they play as long as the place is giving away a bonus? How many players don’t even bother to check the casino’s website? How many players see a new offer on some message board, website, or from spam, and then ask for the bonus before they look to see if the casino who made the offer is on any “No-No” lists?

Whether it’s a ‘deposit required’ bonus or a true freebie, too many players do not hesitate to play without considering who may be getting their traffic. When ‘Crappy Casino’ sends out an email giving away $10 and it gets posted across the net, ‘Crappy Casino’ gets a huge increase in new accounts, a huge increase in traffic, and most significantly, a huge increase in dollars gambled.

I can hear the players screaming already, “I don’t care! I didn’t use any of MY money.” Well, you should care because when ‘Crappy Casino’ sends the numbers to their higher-ups, and they in turn send them to potential investors … it’s all about the dollars gambled. Yours, theirs, it just doesn’t matter.

That $10 that you gambled for an hour may very well show up on their books as $200 gambled, or even more. It doesn’t matter that it was “their” money, and it doesn’t matter that you didn’t buy anything. It doesn’t even matter that in the end, you lost it.

They use you to get more investments, which in turn allows them to buy more advertising and attract more players. They are using your name and gambling time to their benefit, and if they don’t pay you, who cares. There are plenty more where you came from.

Now, suppose you win, and don’t get paid. What do you do? You didn’t bother to check them out beforehand to see if sites such as the Online Players Association had warnings against them. You didn’t bother to read their website where it says you have to make a deposit to cash out, or maybe it says that you can never cash out, or that you have to play 10 times the bonus amount.

Or maybe you wagered and played everything right, followed all of the rules, but you still don’t get paid. You send email upon email but never receive a response. What you choose to do next may have an impact other players.

You might contact Julie, who handles the Gambling Grumbles section for Or maybe you go to Steve Adkins, from the Online Players Association, or perhaps Bryan Bailey, from Casinomeister, or Spearmaster. You plead with them to help you get the money owed you by ‘Crappy Casino’.

But you know what? Even though you were 먹튀사이트 careless, and even though you ignored all the previous warning from these folks, as well as from other players, they still try to help you. So, while they are spending their time on your complaint, they are not able to help someone else who is much more deserving of their time.

Yes, that sounds harsh, but if you had taken the time to research ‘Crappy Casino’ in the first place, you would have seen that Julie already had quite a few complaints against them, and with a ‘no response’ result. You might have also seen that Steve had them on the OPA ‘Not Recommended’ list, or that Bryan considered them a “Rogue Casino”. But the blind greed for $10 overruled what should have been your common sense.

As an example, there was a very well known casino that decided to change rules in the middle of promotion. The result of this unfair and dishonest practice was that many players were locked out of their accounts and did not receive winnings to which they were entitled. This casino was then placed on almost every blacklist known to man.

Several months later they changed software, and in announcing this, spammed the universe with their grand opening bonus.

The kicker in this little story is that many of the same players who were locked out of the original casino received the “grand opening” bonus, and instead of hitting the delete button, decided to take advantage of it. When they were locked out again — BIG SURPRISE — those same players got angry and filed complaints with many different player advocates. What a waste of time for the people who tirelessly stand up for your rights

Is that casino still in business? You bet it is, even though it shouldn’t be. As long as players have the attitude that bonuses are okay no matter where they come from, and it’s okay not to pay everyone else as long as they pay “ME”, these places will continue to thrive.

However, by the time it is YOUR turn to get screwed, it’s too late. They already have what they wanted, another name to add to their database, as well as more dollars gambled. You are helping them stay in business. One way or another, YOU are paying for that mass email and those banner ads.

ENOUGH!!! Quit blindly chasing one bonus after another without any thought to the choices that you are making.





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