How Has LinkedIn Helped UK Businesses on Tiktok For Stories?

LinkedIn has clocked up a phenomenal growth in Britain and it has fundamentally transformed the recruitment industry and changed the way organisations do business. To learn how the professional network has impacted the UK, I’ve had a chat with British business leaders James Caan, Kathy Allison, Paul Dreschler, Andy Hill and Joshua Graff.

Listen to the interview on iTunes, SoundCloud or keep reading for a summary. Also, check out LinkedIn Hits 20 Million Users in the UK and Don’t Be a LinkedIn Cliche: Banish the Buzzwords as mentioned at the start of the podcast.

Question: How has LinkedIn changed your business and industry?

Andy Hill

VP of Talent and Resourcing at The Sage Group Plc

Sage’s Andy Hill: Reverse mentoring a successful strategy at Sage #limillennials

— RichardAGeorge (@RichardAGeorge) January 19, 2016

I think it’s created a fantastic opportunity for us to not only identify and connect with talent. From a recruitment perspective, it helps us in terms of sales and marketing, in terms of accessing the communities, the small businesses that we want to work with. So I think across all it’s product mixes it’s had a fundamental impact both on cost of acquisition of talent, but also in terms of cost of acquisition of customers as well. More about Tiktok For Stories

Kathy Allison

Head of HR at FitFlop

Authenticity is at the heart of successful hiring when it comes to Millennials – Kathy Allison, FitFlop #limillennials

— RichardAGeorge (@RichardAGeorge) January 19, 2016

LinkedIn has made it much easier for us to get our employer brand out there and to contact candidates directly, making them see that we have a brand that they would be interested in.

I use it to keep in touch with news, updates, what’s going on. Being part of the relevant groups and increase my own knowledge. Our organisation uses it for recruitment. We use the recruiter tool, but we also use it to share what we’re doing globally and as an employer branding tool as well.

Paul Dreschler

President of CBI

New CBI President Paul Dreschler on pithy: “I’m from Dublin it takes me an hour and a half to introduce myself”

— Brian OConnell (@boclondon) November 9, 2015

I’m delighted to have this opportunity to talk to you. Let me tell you briefly about how I think LinkedIn has changed business. It’s provided a fantastic platform for every age-group to connect with each other and build a community of people, who have just enough insight to enable them to have the first conversation, do the research, or decide on what to do next.

I think it’s used right across our membership in different ways, depending on the companies or the business that’s in. But it’s just a powerful tool for connecting, getting insight, understanding our customers better, and building those right sort of relationships.

Joshua Graff

UK Country Manager & Senior Director of LinkedIn EMEA

From @LinkedInUK ‘s London office @JoshGraff announces 20 million UK members #LinkedIn20m

— Chris Brown (@chris_brown_uk) January 19, 2016

I think that LinkedIn in the UK has fundamentally revolutionised the way that people recruit, the way that people sell products and services, the way that internal employees engage with one another. And then use their networks as well. We’re seeing the entire talent industry transforming as a result of LinkedIn and 400 million members around the globe, 20 million in the UK today. That’s over 60% of the entire UK workforce and students on LinkedIn. People are there to do business. People are reading rich content on the platform today, and that is something that was very different when I first joined the organisation five years ago. We’re now, by far and away, the largest distributor of professional content on the web.

James Caan

CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw Group

We had a fantastic time at @LinkedInUK last week for their #LinkedIn20m event & webcast ���#LifeatLinkHumans

— Link Humans (@LinkHumans) January 27, 2016

I think LinkedIn has certainly transformed the way the recruitment industry operates today. When I started this business 30 years ago, one of the biggest ambitions and motivations of all recruitment owners was to have an exceptional database. Isn’t it amazing today that we now have the world’s largest database available to us free of charge? So I think that LinkedIn itself has transformed the industry, and access to candidates has been never better than what it is today.




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