If Somebody Asked Me I’d SayUFABET

Are you ready for a wildly radical proposition?

Rather than criticizing young people for gambling, why not introduce educational courses that would teach them about risk taking, encourage participation, and make it a requirement in the college curriculum?

Life is fraught with critical decisions that shape the direction of our lives. The question then must be asked; “How can we be prepared to make the best educated choices?” Nothing effects our lives so consequentially as the choices we make with respect to where and how we live, study, how we choose a career, marriage, or investments that are in our best interest.

Prediction knowledge is crucial. Young people need to understand the percentages and factors that must be considered and indeed, overcome, when faced with certain situations. Yes, we know about existing courses in Probability, Statistics, and Risk Management, but my proposition would be different; practical courses in everyday common risk experience we face.

A class in ‘Sports Betting 101’ would serve as an exercise in exploring the possibilities and consequences that are inherent in the risk taking process. For instance:

  1. What are the fundamental features being evaluated?
  2. What are the technical and psychological factors that might play a part in the outcome?
  3. What are the winning percentages needed to succeed?
  4. What size bankroll is required in order to “invest” wisely, always remembering you should not risk what you want to win, but rather, only what you can afford to lose. Unlike many life-impacting decisions, sports betting should be viewed as a recreational diversion with the understanding that a place such as Las Vegas wasn’t built for wise guys to exploit.
  5. In ‘Sports Betting 101’ the student quickly discovers that there are no “locks” or “sure things.” There are at least 15 to 25 key plays in a game that determines the outcome. Many of these are random and unpredictable. 6. The course would teach the research and insights necessary to minimize the risks, recognizing that information is power, but only if you have it before the other guy!


I don’t think I’ve ever met a successful man who didn’t take risks or didn’t gamble for high stakes. They have dreams, imagination, courage, and the vision to inspire their speculations, together with the intelligence and perseverance to make them pay off. There’s an old maxim, “No guts, No glory,” that speaks to this.

There are those who say gambling in business in not the same as other kinds of UFABET gambling. Try selling that to the hundreds of thousands who experience business failures and bankruptcies each year.

Recognizing this idea is a stunning departure from traditional academia. I believe ‘Sports Betting 101’ would prove more valuable than a lot of other courses, e.g. ‘Birds of the West Indies,’ ‘Basket Weaving,’ or ‘Armenia In Modern Times.’ I think you get my point.

The idea is not unlike the “Pokemon” craze that has captivated kids around the world. There may be some negative aspects, but many are now seeing that the educational values and benefits are more than offsetting.

There’s a good possibility that ‘Sports Betting 101’ would discourage compulsive behavior by teaching young people about “realities.” It would offer a new perspective to gaming and other risks facing the average venturer. The greed to acquire unearned money has many liabilities and perils. Courses such as this would help detect many scams that plague our society and indeed could prove to be “preventative therapy” before addiction takes hold.

Once having completed ‘Sports Betting 101’ the student would move on to ‘Advanced Risk-Taking,’ again using the sports betting model. Starting with an imaginary bankroll the student’s grade would not necessarily be based on the number of winners picked, but rather on the logic and reasoning used in making selections, as well money management, self discipline, and other qualities that dictate the success one may enjoy.

What is absolutely absurd is the current proposed legislation that would ban wagering on college sports. Don’t these self-righteous, moralistic lawmakers realize that what they are attempting to prohibit is, and has always been, inherent in the human nature for thousands of years among millions of people.

Instead of trying this misdirected course of action–prohibition-the powers that be ought to consider educating the community by providing them with sensible tools.

So there you have it! Two courses: ‘Sports Betting 101’ and ‘Advanced Risk-Taking.’ I’d be willing to bet that students would emerge from the experience better equipped to challenge and deal with the various bumps on the highways and byways of their journey through life.



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