Because the stars playing Online Casino Malaysia are not only singers, here is the list of the 5 best football and poker players in alphabetical order: Vikash Dhorasoo, Tomas Brolin, Jean-Philippe Rohr, Teddy Sheringham, Jan Sorensen.

number eight

Vikash Dhorasoo

A former PSG player, Dhorasoo is well known in French poker, he has won over $250,000 in tournaments.

Tomas Brolin

This 39-year-old Swede who played for Leeds United, and has a bronze medal from the 1994 World Cup, also participated in the EPT poker star in 2023 and 2023. He totaled $70,000 in tournament earnings. Teddy

Jean-Philippe Rohr

A great player from Metz, Nice and Monaco, Rohr, now 47, has participated in the EPT and the Master Classic in Amsterdam. He has totaled more than 350,000 euros in tournament winnings.


A player at Manchester United, he particularly distinguished himself during the European Cup of Champions Clubs in 1999. He totaled more than $100,000 in tournament earnings, with participation in the WSOP and the EPT.

The twists and turns of the case Andreas Oscarsson founder of Pokerlistings

03/12/09 by Team Poker Coach

On August 4, Andreas Oscarsson, founder of Pokerlistings, was murdered in his family home in Trollhatan, Sweden. But in recent days, new revelations made by the Swedish media and in particular the Aftonbladet newspaper and Sveriges Radio, have revived discussions on the blogs of poker enthusiasts.

Andreas Oscarsson pokerlistings The twists and turns of the case Andreas Oscarsson founder of Pokerlistings

Thus we learned that Oscarsson would have been shot to prevent him from testifying in a blackmail case.

There would be links with a company belonging to a former investor of Pokerlistings who would have lost a good part of his investment when the United States decided to toughen the regulation of online games. This investor, however, has for the moment been exonerated.

In addition, we learned that a few months before Oscarsson’s murder another Andreas Oscarsson had been shot dead in the same city, and one of Oscarsson’s lawyers had also been injured in an ambush.

This case promises to make headlines in Swedish newspapers for some time to come.

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In the end, it was the Czech player Jan Skampa who won the EPT Prague after a heads-up against the Israeli Eyal Avitan. There were 586 participants in the last European Poker Tour of the year sponsored by PokerStars. If the French were on track to win with 7 players still in the race on the last 3 tables, only Anthony Roux alias “Tallix” will have managed to reach the final table of the EPT Prague.

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