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Paid Apps Coming To European Catalog In March


European owners of WebOS devices have enjoyed the free apps and games that the platform has to offer, but what about the software that comes with a pricetag? Thus far it’s been unavailable as Palm works out the legal bibble babble to cover their you know what. Thankfully, we’ve got an ETA and it’s March 2010.

Only a couple more months before our European WebOS friends get to enjoy the App Catalog in it’s entirety. If you’re a developer who wants to submit an App to the paid Euro-Catalog, Palm supplied the following instructions:

If you have an app you’d like to submit for consideration for the European e-commerce program, please send an email to stating your interest and giving details about your company and your application using the following format:
In the subject of your email put your company followed by the name of your application. For example:
Subject: My Company – My Application
In the body of your email, include the following:
Your Palm webOSdev user name
Details of person to contact
Direct telephone
Mobile telephone
Company Details:
Company telephone
Web page
A description of your application
What price (in Euros) you intend to charge for your application when we start the e-commerce program
Our web page at covers all the aspects required to make a compelling and successful application. We urge you to get started now so you can get the earliest access and be among the first to get paid for your apps in Europe.

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