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Rumor: Verizon Only Pushing 400K Palm Devices [Pre + Pixi]


If the BGR rumor is true, either Verizon and Palm have low expectations of the Palm Pre and Palm Pixi sales potential or Palm simply can’t meet demand. According to an inside source, Verizon is showing 200K units of each the Pixi and Pre for a total of 400K units Verizon has purchased.

While 400K isn’t exactly pocket change numbers-wise, remember that Verizon heavily pushed the Motorola Droid in November and is thought to have sold over a million devices rather quickly. If they can’t compete with an equally hard marketing push for Palm, what does that mean for the future of WebOS?

Hopefully it’s just a road bump, but I have to say, I’m eagerly awaiting the proliferation of WebOS devices which should help development numbers which should get the ball rolling and momentum churning.

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