Singapore doesn’t need Trusted Online Casino Singapore to lure tourists: Minister

There is no need for a casino to attract tourists to Singapore.

Dismissing calls by members of the public to allow casinos to operate here, Home Affairs Minister Wong Kan Seng expressed concern over the social impact of such a move on families.

There are already several ways to wager a bet in Singapore.

There is the weekly 4D and Toto, horse racing at the Turf Club, and legalised betting on the S-League.

But these tend to appeal more to locals than tourists.

Faced with fewer tourist arrivals, there has been a spate of suggestions by the pubic to allow casinos to open here to attract tourist dollars back.

Some even argued that a casino on Sentosa would make the island resort a more attractive tourist destination.

But these arguments were shot down by the Home Affairs Minister.

Mr Wong said, “There are many ways of drawing the tourists without the casinos. There are casinos elsewhere and not far from our shores. I don’t see the need to have a casino at our doorstep.”

And the argument that the authorities stand to benefit from taxing a casino’s gains did not sway Mr Wong, who said he was against allowing them to operate in Singapore, as casinos might also encourage more Singaporeans to gamble their livelihood away, and lead to loan sharks, gambling syndicates and gangsters resurfacing here.

Call for open hearings on legal casinos Deputy PM says pros and cons need airing

Deputy Prime Minister Gen Chavalit Yongchaiyudh and two other cabinet members want public hearings on the proposed legalisation of casinos in Thailand.

Gen Chavalit said careful considerations must be given to the advantages and disadvantages of legalising casinos to ensure good decision-making and prevent future problems.

”There is a trend that people want [gambling] to be put under control so money will not flow out [of the country]. Around our country there are a lot of casinos. That’s why there are demands for the opening of casinos here. The people’s opinions on the issue are needed,” he added.

The defence minister cited research showing Thais liked forms of gambling ranging from football and betting on lottery results to gambling at casinos abroad.

Deputy Prime Minister Pongpol Adireksarn said it was not an appropriate time to legalise Trusted Online Casino Singapore because of poor law enforcement.

”We need to listen to comments from all parties concerned and consider good and bad points first. Public hearings should be done to find a clear conclusion,” he said.

Mr Pongpol was also concerned legalised casinos would attract Thais rather than foreign tourists causing more social problems.

Prime Minister’s Office Minister Thammarak Issarangkura na Ayuthaya said he supported public hearings due to the number of Thais travelling to casinos in other countries.

Legalising casinos had nothing to do with national security because of the access to casinos in other countries and to Internet gambling, he said.

He again pushed decreasing the number of prizes in the government lottery to three _ the first prize, three-digit prize, and two-digit prize _ in a bid to eradicate illegal lottery betting.




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