Spearmaster’s Best Tips for Net Qq Online Gamblers

Spearmaster is the operator of respected gambling portal Got2Bet, and a regular contributor on gambling message boards. We spoke with Spearmaster about the online casino business, and asked for his best tips for players.

You usually speak up for players’ rights on the WINNERonline boards. Why?

Funny you should ask that, since many players believe I represent the casinos. There’s a great need for balance in this industry. I think it’s important to protect players from unscrupulous casino operators. At the same time, there are obvious situations where the player is trying to take advantage of a situation – and in those cases I side with the casino. Without good casinos in the industry, there would be no industry, period – it’s a two-way street and everyone must work together if this industry is to grow strong.

What is people’s most common gripe?

Not getting paid their winnings, or in some cases not having their deposits returned. Mostly it’s just timing – and sometimes it’s miscommunication.

Do you think the majority of operators run a legitimate site?

If you are dealing with major software providers like Boss Media, CryptoLogic, Microgaming and World Gaming, you should have no worries. There are many smaller operators that are fair, but there are also many small operators which operate dishonest casinos. My opinion is that one should generally stick to the larger software providers, or else to operations which are backed by reputable land-based operators.

Can the online gambling industry police itself or should some sort of outside group do that?

Portals can certainly help, and player organizations are also useful when everyone has a say. But if you’re talking about casino operators regulating themselves – forget it. Gaming jurisdictions vary as well – some are reasonably okay, others are very weak. If casino operators would be willing to fund a third-party mediator/regulator type organization, there could be some potential here.

What about the Online Players Qq Online Association?

I think the OPA is a very good concept. There needs to be someone out there to look after the interests of the players. And the OPA has done that with a reasonable amount of success – but I think it’s time the OPA looked at a proper organization with a strong charter, registered someplace like the UK, and also looked at having a sound business plan developed to ensure that its focus remains on the player and not on fundraising or profit-making issues.

What are your best online gambling tips for new players?

There are a number of things:

  • Do your research. Visit various web sites to get an idea which casinos are reputable. Ask friends where they have played before. And visit the message boards.
  • Know the best strategies for game play. The Wizard of Odds and Gamemaster Online are the best sites for this type of information.
  • Read the terms and conditions before you deposit. Also, make sure you know the options available to you for depositing and cashing out.
  • Have fun – don’t gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Treat gambling online as a form of entertainment – set a budget just as if you were going to Las Vegas for a few days.

What are your best tips for experienced players?

Here you go:

  • See my tips for new players – and take them seriously.
  • Don’t play just for the sake of a bonus – it’s not much different from going to Las Vegas and playing for the sake of comps like a free room, free food, etc. If you come out ahead after meeting the terms and conditions of the bonus, at least have the courtesy to give the casino a little more play. Otherwise, bonuses will definitely dry up in the future.
  • If you play regularly, stick strictly to your budget. Don’t chase after a losing streak (my biggest problem). There’s more to life than gambling online.
  • Take regular breaks – have a nap, watch TV, whatever. Doing this will ensure that when you do gamble online you have good concentration and are not tired.




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