The Big One for Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

Your chance to go to the World Series of Poker and play in the main event with a sponsorship from PokerSchool Online is nearly here. The Big One will be held on Saturday March 30th 2002, at 2.00pm CST, and you will have to be a qualified player to participate. There will be no more than 650 qualified players in this $100,000 Freeroll.

Annual PokerSchool members promotion

On the following dates, there will be an ‘annual members only’ tournament to qualify more players into ‘The Big One.’ The winner of each of these events will receive a C qualification and 2nd – 20th will receive B qualification. These events will have no buy-in. These will start on Saturday 16th February at 2.00pm CST and run every Saturday at this time until the last one on Saturday March 16th. Any monthly member that wishes to upgrade to annual membership may participate in these events.

1st – Saturday 16th February @ 2.00pm CST (12.00 noon in CA, 3.00PM In New York, 8.00pm in England, 9.00pm in Europe)

2nd – Saturday 23rd February @ 2.00pm CST

3rd – Saturday 2nd March @ 2.00pm CST

4th – Saturday 9th March @ 2.00pm CST

5th – Saturday 16th March @ 2.00pm CST

All PokerSchool Members Promotion

On Saturday March 23rd at 2.00pm CST, There will be an ‘all members’ tournament to qualify players into ‘The Big One.’ The buy-in for this event will be $100.00 School Bankroll in Situs Judi Online24Jam Terpercaya 2021

1st Place will receive a D qualification

2nd Place will receive a C qualification

3rd – 20th will all receive B qualifications

Single Table Satellites (School)

Over the coming weeks you will notice more higher buy-in single table satellites being added to the schedule. As these can be used to increase members bankroll in order to participate in these higher buy-in Super Satellites, see below.

Super Satellite Week in the School

From Monday 25th March thru Friday 29th March we will be holding a final week of last minute qualifying Super Satellites with higher buy-ins. These buy-ins will start at $500 of school bankroll. Qualification places for these higher buy-in events will be announced in the school and sent out in email to all school members before the end of February

The Big One II

$100,000 of Sponsorship Awards available for all major Poker Tournament Buy-ins over $500 worldwide. Happening now! Hurry to join!

To become a member of the school, join the fun of Leagues, play in the Big One II, and improve your poker playing, click here to register. Only $14.95 per month or $149.95 annually!

Thanks to input from our members, beginning May 1st, will:

Have 8 new Monthly Sponsorship Leagues that even infrequent players can play in (with as little as 5 Multi-Table events per month or with 10 Single-Table Satellites)

Award Sponsorships to members by way of the leagues on a monthly basis based on ranking for all games played that month.

Launch The Big One II, with $100,000 of Sponsorships available for any major worldwide Poker Tournaments with a buy-in of $500 or more. You qualify for the the Big One via Leagues.

The new Monthly Sponsorship Leagues include 3 Satellite leagues and 5 Multi-Table Tournament leagues. All school members are automatically included in whichever league/s their frequency of play dictates. You can be in both a Multi-Table Tournament League AND in a Satellite League each month.

THE BIG EXCITEMENT is that each month, if you place in any of these 8 Monthly Leagues you:

Get SPONSORSHIP POINTS, where PokerSchool Online will pay your entry fee and sponsor you into any Poker event of your choosing anywhere in the world with a buy-in of $500 or more.

QUALIFY to play in a Round 2 Event to receive a level of qualification into The Big One II on December 21, 2002, where $100,000 of Sponsorships are available.

Since you can play in both a Satellite League as well as a Multi-Table Tournament League each month, you get 2 chances each month to qualify for The Big One II. Annual Members get a third chance to qualify each month; since each month there is an Annual-Member-only Event that awards qualifications directly into The Big One II.


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