Venturing into the real money world

This afternoon, I took somewhat more Online Casino Malaysia of a risk than I am accustomed to. I didn’t actually deposit money anywhere, and I don’t think there’s a legal way for me to do that anyway, but I did convert some of the bonus points I got playing for free into real money.

I gave myself a grand total of $3.30. That’s only about 47 dollars less than the minimum that can be cashed out from the site. You need to play to win, so I chose to play.

I didn’t play high stakes, since I wanted to have money left over just in case I made a mistake and lost everything that I put into a certain. The cheapest game (besides satellites) at Bugsy’s Club is the 50 cent SNG, so I chose to play one of those.

Early on, I decided to be patient. My lack of good cards made it easy for me to stick with that decision. All I did early was forfeit a few blinds & maybe a minimum bet or two, make a small investment in AQ and win the hand, and cheaply catch a nut flush on the river. The flush helped me double up, and put me in pretty good shape. The relative impatience of others didn’t hurt, either. Especially when two big stacks each went all in on the same hand with AK, and one of them caught the flush.

I could’ve been the owner of quite a large stack if I had called with AJ suited after a raise and a re-raise. One of those hands had AJ with a different suit, and the other had AQ off suit. I would’ve made a flush, but I still believe that what I did was the smart decision while facing two substantial raises ahead of me.

I ended up getting 2nd there. I beat the 3rd place person by catching a card on the river, but I was still far behing the chip leader. I called all in with top pair heads up, and ended up losing to a higher kicker.

Then I played pot limit omaha high low. That game took a lot longer than the Hold ‘em game. It could have been partially because it was a $1 buy-in, but probably mostly because of the format. With many hands having at least two people getting a share of the pot, it took a long time for people to lose. I felt like we were on the bubble for close to an hour, with the rest of the tournament put together taking less than half of that time.

The player that lost on the bubble was chip leader for most of the tournament. I’ve had that happen to me before, and it’s frustrating. It also shows that nothing can be taken for granted until you or everyone else runs out of chips.

The winner spent much of the tournament on the brink of elimination. I’ve been there too, and that’s tough but it feels good at the end. That also demonstrates what I said at the end of the last paragraph.

I came in second, but much closer to first than in the other game. I was one blank away from gaining a dominant chip lead over the only other remaining player, with kkXX against AJJJ and nothing of any importance in the first four cards of the board. The river was an ace, and nothing can be done about that.

With second place, I managed to make a profit of a couple of dollars for the tournament. I turned my $3.30 investment into over $6 while taking very few risks. It’s not big money, but it’s certainly better than losing what I started with.

As long as I play within my bankroll, such as it is, I should be in good shape.

“Should” is the operative word in the previous sentence.

Turbo Sit & Go = Roller Coaster

Since I’ve yet to run out of money that I won for free, I tried playing a ten person sit and go with the blinds going up every five minutes. That means there is no time to be patient and wait for a great hand that will almost certainly win. It’s risky, but it was just $1 to play.

I didn’t win, but to say I was lucky to do as well as I did is an understatement. I caught a queen on the river to beat pocket nines. I got a ten on the river to win a pot that is was all in for. I had to go all in with a nine and a six, and I won that as well. I even caught a full house when forced to go all in with a two and six, but that was when there were only two left.

I had some bad luck too, but overall I got much more lucky than unlucky. If I want to be sure to win money in the long run, turbo sit and gos are probably not the way to go. Although I probably shouldn’t complain about the 2nd place finish.

That happened yesterday, and I haven’t played today yet. Now I’m going to try to win a little more, since I can’t cash out with $7.

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